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 Provider of heating oil to homes across Northern Ireland!

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Customer Care has proved the key to success for AH Fuel Oils since it was established in the late 1980s.

As a prerequisite to the effectuation of establishing one of Northern Ireland's only home-grown brands, we were able to exploit a gap in the market, looking after the more rural petrol stations in Northern Ireland. 

The company has since gone from strength to strength and now boasts a fleet of tankers which deliver to domestic, agricultural and petrol retail outlets across the province.

A H Fuel Oils focuses on offering a complete service and full customer care. We offer same day delivery if possible. We always try to meet your requirements.

A 6 Day manned ordering service is in operation as we believe people do not want to hear an answerphone if they are in a difficult situation and need oil or repairs urgently.

Customer Care extends to a planned payment schemes, regular 'top up' services and advice on energy saving.


We have invested heavily in building a brand that has a reputation for the highest standards in both product quality and supply. With a combined offering of convenience shopping, this franchise model is geared for rapid expansion to meet the ever-increasing demand. 


Initially supplying domestic heating oil, and then branching out into supplying petrol forecourts, has led to the development of our Solo Petroleum brand. 


Customer care extends to planned payment schemes, regular 'top-up' services and advice on energy saving. AH Fuel Oils offers different payment options such as credit card, pay-point and direct debit schemes.


From humble beginnings, AH Fuel Oils has grown into a successful company which delivers to domestic, agricultural and petrol retail outlets throughout Northern Ireland. 

Starting with a single truck in 1988, we have seen our Cookstown-based company go from strength to strength in the intervening years. We now operate a fleet of 14 tankers and employ 20 staff. In addition, we are the managers of Solo Petroleum, which is the brand behind 60 service stations in Northern Ireland and Scotland.


The first 34 years have have gone well for us, and hopefully, the next 34 years will be just as successful.  



Head Office

AH Fuel Oils
9A Clare Lane
Co Tyrone
BT80 8RJ

Freephone:  0800 083 6065





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